How We Can Help You Sell Your Home!

Your Problem What The House Business can do for You!
You are ready to move into your new home, your old house hasn’t sold yet and you can’t afford to make two mortgage payments. We can make your mortgage payments on your old house and supply you with the legal paperwork to help close on the new loan.
You have very little equity in your house, you can’t afford to pay a Realtor’s commission, or your job transfer is effective this week and you need to SELL QUICKLY! If your house qualifies and you are flexible, we can offer 2 different Purchase Plans to enable you to move as quickly as you need to!
You or a family member are ready to move into a retirement community but you need to sell a house. We specialize in working with the elderly. Take your personal items and leave the rest behind. No need to make repairs or move everything out. We will buy your house and take care of the details.
Your house needs repairs to pass a buyers inspection and you don’t want to do them. Bad roofs and rotten wood don’t intimidate us. If your house qualifies, we can close QUICKLY!
You are behind on your mortgage payments and want to avoid foreclosure to save your credit rating. We can bring your payments current and begin to make your monthly mortgage payments.
You are tired of being a LANDLORD, dealing with tenants, and the hassles of maintenance. We buy houses with  tenants, and can take care of the maintenance.
The House Business has several purchase plans available for you. We will design a unique purchase plan that meets your needs using over 30 years of experience in The House Business